BL8000 Blackview Smartphone Launching soon with MediaTek 12GB RAM1 min read

Blackview is launching Blackview BL8000 soon. Its’ an 5G rugged smartphone coming in the market and it will be high rugged smartphone featuring Dimensity of 1200. It will come with very attractive price and it is flagship smartphone.

Image credit: Blackview

Comes with 5G Experience

Blackview come with their first ever 5G flagship phone with very attractive price and it will be launching soon. It will come with their powerful processor, display refresh rate is 168hz while the Hyper Engine 3.0 it will improve gaming and the device’s 12GB of RAM with further improve multitasking. It is an Chinese manufacturer company.

Company Overview

Blackview is known for making Android devices of the highly durable variety. Company also asserts that they will be the first ever company to launch rugged smartphone based on 6nm processor.

Along with the pure 5G support, the SoC comes with WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS, and much more. The chipset supports fast charging of up to 65 Watts that can charge the full device in just few minutes.

What is Flagship Smartphone?

Flagship is latest and greatest from a brand. Flagship Smartphone comes with top notch quality. As per meaning and research Flagship known as Greatest, Best, First or Biggest example of some products. That is known as Flagship Smartphone.

Source of information and image – Blackview

Hope you enjoy the news about Blackview Flagship Smartphones.

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