You can make more money online by using some skills and knowledge.3 min read

Now all the platforms goes digital and everyone wants to expand their business for branding and financial growth as well.

Skills you have to be Learn

1. Digital Marketing

2. Content Writing

3. Website Designing

4. Blogging

5. AdSense

Digital Marketing

In this Skill you can learn how we expand our business with different strategies and using marketing which is digital. In digital marketing there is SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization

SEM stands for search engine marketing

SMM stands for social media marketing

SMO stands for social media optimization

Digital Marketing (Image Source – Google)

Content Writing

In this skill you can learn how you can describe your review and details about the product, services and other details.

Written Content is also known as Blog.

Content Writing, Blogging, Informative Content (Image Source – Google)

Website Designing

In this skill you can learn how to build a website from scratch.

You can make website using coding and page builder as well.

Coding languages are php, Java and HTML.

Page builders are available in WordPress, Wix and Joomla.

You can make website with adding and editing the templates.

Web Designing (Image Source – Google)


In blogging you can choose any of your favourite Niche. Niche is like a Topic of your Blog. You can write blog in your on thoughtful language and provide the details to your audience. You can make a blog website or you can go for Blogger which is provided by Google.

Blogging (Image Source – Google)


AdSense is a tool which is by google. Google publish ads to your blog, website and YouTube as well. But for that AdSense earning approval is the most important by AdSense. There is some criteria to pass it.

Google Adsense (Image Source – Google)

These skills you can easily learn it from google and make money online by putting some efforts and time.

Learn Digital Marketing it will grow your Business, Personal Brand and your Skill as well.

In the field of digital marketing you can learn all the information about marketing and strategies as well. Digital Marketing is very important for business now, if you want to grow your business or personal brand.

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